A while ago I wrote a blog entry about the decline of the hat as an expected fashion accessory. I like wearing hats but not many people these days wear hats and it is certainly not expected, except at weddings and while attending horse races. When did the hat die out? I suspect it was the 1970s.

If only men dressed like this nowadays

If only men dressed like this nowadays

Now, I am questioning the death (not even decline, but death) of the silk gloves.

Why don't we wear these to the shops now?

Why don’t we wear these to the shops now?

This evening we started watching this film (a charity shop purchase, and a mistake – despite its star cast and amazon star rating it is laughingly bad), and the film is set in the 1950s. In the 1950s ladies wore long, satin gloves to leave the house. So today’s weird thought is: what ever happened to long, satin gloves? Why don’t we leave the house wearing them in the year 2015? Why do we only wear gloves in the winter, and only short wooly ones at that? I’d love to go out wearing long, satin gloves. Why did this fashion happen before I was born? It seems so unfair. I don’t think I’ve even tried some on. I would like to at least try some on.

Interestingly, one can easily purchase long, satin gloves on the Internet. I think they are only for a particular style of wedding (1950s themed, obviously) and for fancy dress.

I think I might have to put ‘pair of long, satin gloves’ on my Christmas list this year. I want some grey ones please. Perhaps I could bring them back into fashion? Single handedly.