This is the philosophy by which I live my life. We shouldn’t take things at face value, we shouldn’t just assume that the scientists have got it right. Everything is not necessarily as it seems and we should keep an ever open mind.

Just the other day, I argued with my husband (he can be quite argumentative as you see) about the possibility of the existence of lemons with legs. He stated categorically that lemons with legs cannot exist. He scoffed at the idea. He was forgetting that part of the ‘teeny, tiny possibility’ theory that states that just because you haven’t seen a legged lemon doesn’t mean that such a creature doesn’t exist, somewhere.

You see me so I exist!

You see me so I exist!

Of course the ‘teeny, tiny possibility’ theory itself is only ‘one of the possibilities’. It might be completely wrong and perhaps science has nailed it all after all. I ought to stay opened minded about that and consider the ‘teeny, tiny possibility’ that science is right.


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