This is the weird thought I had today at Zumba.

Last week, a fellow Zumbaite posted this video to Facebook. I watched this, and my first thought was that the women in the video surely were not happy with their hair flailing around untamed. They looked happy but I didn’t believe that anyone could be happy with hair in front of their eyes and getting in their mouths. I always tie my hair back for Zumba to stop that happening. It seems common sense to me. My friend responded to my doubts about the hair thing with: ‘Swishing ones hair is all part of the look! Love a bit of swishing!‘.

This is before the hair swishing began

This is before the hair swishing begins

So today at Zumba I decided that I’d dance with my hair lose to see what it would be like. And I am so glad I did. I felt that I really did get into it more. I felt like one of those well-toned swishing hair ladies (even if the reality is far from that) and that feeling made me dance more, lift my legs higher, swish my arms about further and jump more madly. I loved dancing with my hair loose. It was like being back in the Lemmy on a Friday night circa 1991.

I swooshed my hair here most Friday and Saturday nights in the early 1990s

Where I swooshed my hair most Friday and Saturday nights in the early 1990s

So what is the other way to burn more calories, I hear you ask?

The answer is: dance in front of a fan. Today at Zumba, due to  the warmer weather, we had two large fans blowing cool air at us and I happened to be positioned in front of one of them. This aided the swooshing feeling with the hair, and also helped me jump up and down more as I wasn’t quite so hot as normal. I felt like a Wella shampoo advert. I had a brilliant Zumba session today.

Dance in front of this

Dance in front of this

I truly believe that long hair and a fan help increase the calorie burn rate. I need to borrow one of those calorie burn rate calculator wrist things to test my theory.

Not everyone has long hair though so they won’t be able to try this method (or half of it – fans are easy to come by). To those unfortunate people, I’d suggest borrowing a wig. I am sure that it will work. It just needs to be tested before I spread the word around the world.

Is she wearing a wig?

Is she wearing a wig?