I haven’t had a weird thought for a very long time it feels, and this isn’t so much a ‘weird thought’ as a desire to tell the world about a new, profound, yet completely unexpected experience that I’ve just had. I write this now, sat in a charming little bar in the small market town of Stone, sipping an Americano, just after the experience in question. Sipping coffee here isn’t the profound experience in question, lovely though it is.

My coffee

That experience I’m referring to is acupuncture.

I didn’t wake up this morning with the knowledge that I was going to not just allow, but actively encourage someone to stick a load of pins into me. I had no idea that this was going to happen. I did wake up, however, with the knowledge that I was finally going to see a physiotherapist about a niggling arm pain that I’ve had for two years.

I thought today would entail a load of forms, a few pokes and prods, a lot of ‘hmmms’, ‘oh dear that is bad’s, and some ‘go away and do this over and over again’s, I didn’t expect to leave an hour after arriving feeling not only simultaneously energised and relaxed, and in much less pain (not completely cured, don’t get too excited), and as if I were floating on the cloud of mental well being. It was just one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had, second to hypnotherapy and interestingly very similar.

I didn’t quite have this many pins stuck in me

I have had this niggling arm pain for so long that it has become the norm. I assumed it was old age. It wasn’t, it was ‘tenderness of the rough cuff’ or something like that. It is a real thing, not just old age. That’s not the exact wording of the diagnosis but anyone in the know reading this will be able to work out what I mean. It is treatable. It isn’t something I have to live with. I should have done something sooner. I am a bit of an idiot for not.

The treatmentĀ  today (after the predicted forms, prods and ‘hmmm’s) involved acupressure (and that was also bizarrely painful yet pleasurable) and then acupuncture (no pain, no discomfort, but a sensation of enormous well being). The acupuncture involved me lying on my stomach, with pins placed at various points, my head poking through a strange hole, staring at the carpet, and being left with Ken Bruce for company for 20 minutes. I did quite well at Pop Master today (no Captain Sensible did not sing ‘Spread A Little Happiness’, it was Sting of course).

Ken and cat

I also have to do some exercises, as I predicted, but I didn’t expect to feel this much changed in my mind and body. I will happily trot off home to do my homework.

I’m not sure what the point of this blog is except to say: don’t ever put things off, it’s not worth it, and if you ever get the chance to have someone stick pins in you – go for it. It feels better than a double gin and tonic and without the hangover!