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Will I turn lilac when I’m 90?

This is the second weird thought I’ve had today. Being a synesthete means I mix colour with names, numbers and letters. The world is a very colourful place to me  in my mind and in reality. However, today it occurred to me that perhaps there is also a blending of colour with ideas as well as words in my mind (and in the mind of many other people who aren’t synesthetes).

Today I bought some stamps in Tescos so I could send my nephew his birthday card and present. The person who sold me the stamps informed me before she gave me my stamps (a book of six) that they were inexplicably purple. She had no idea why they were purple, They should be orange, she told me. But no, just to confuse people like her, they were temporarily purple. We laughed about this oddity.

stamps queen

Intrigued, I opened up my book of stamps as soon as I left the shop. It was immediately evident to me why they were purple. It was in honour of the Queen‘s forthcoming 90th birthday. Sadly, they weren’t purple to confuse people who work in Tescos. There was a reason.

This had me thinking: why purple? What is the connection between the Queen and the colour purple? Who chose to colour the stamps the same colour as Parma Violets? Then it occurred to me, it was probably related to the fact that the Queen is about to be 90 and because women in their 90s are the colour of Parma Violets. They are lilac. At least, to me they are (I swear, I’m not a part-time stamp designer). I see women in their 90s as lavender-coloured. They smell of lavender. They eat lavender sweets. They like lavender clothes. The Queen is going to turn light purple on her birthday. And therefore so will I in 2061.

The sweets you either love or hate

The sweets you either love or hate

When I got home I asked my husband the question: what colour do men turn at the age of 90? To me, they turn beige, the same colour as Werther’s Originals. Also the colour of pipes, slippers, cardigans and the sort of furnishings that the elderly of my childhood favoured.

Grandad sweets

Grandad sweets

What colour am I in my 40s? (Or perhaps I should ask: what sweet?) I asked my husband what colour he felt to be in his 40s and his answer was immediate: grey. I disagree (I think he was just feeling a bit blue). I’m not grey, I’m dark blue (a happy blue). I don’t know why that colour comes to mind. As my husband is a man, he’s not dark blue, to me he’s a greeny-brown (the colour of earth and grass but I don’t know why). My 30s were light green. My 20s were sunshine yellow (a happy time).

Does anyone else see decades of life for each sex in a different colour? I wonder. It is a little odd so perhaps not. Is this just another string to the synaestheisa bow?


Why are car colours so boring?

Recently as a family, we have been looking to buy a second car. We have a dark blue car and had a red car till last week when we suddenly decided to get a certified car removal company to help us get rid of the red car and ever since then have been looking for another car as having a second car at home is more of a necessity for us. I wanted a purple car. A purple car would go nicely with a dark blue one I thought. However, there aren’t many purple cars for sale. My weird thought is: where are all the purple cars?

Will this car do?

Will this car do?

Whenever car shopping, one naturally starts to notice the cars on the roads. So as we started car shopping, I started to see with new eyes the many cars that passed me by as I sat and sipped my coffee in one of the many coffee shops I patronize. I also looked at cars in car parks, cars parked on the side of the road and cars on TV. The conclusion: cars these days are mostly either grey, silver, white or black.

Why is that? There aren’t even that many red or blue cars on the roads at the moment. I’m sure that even five years ago (when my eldest and I used to play ‘count the car colours’) there was a better mix of blue, red, black, silver, grey and white cars. Now, it seems, the black, silver, grey and white cars have overtaken the roads and overtaken the world.

My dream car

My dream car

We have now bought our car, after poring over the details on Car Check, and it is black. It isn’t purple. We couldn’t find a purple Ford Focus (or whatever sensible make of car we went for, I wanted a Beetle). The range of  colours that bland cars come in is the following: grey, silver, black or white. I think that is most unfair.

What makes my argument for searching for a purple car weaker is that apparently going boring is the best option, financially.

This admitting of defeat on my part is especially irksome to me as the colour of the car you choose to drive, it is argued, says something about your personality. I’d like the chance to reflect my personality through my purple car (creative, intuitive, unique – that’ll do me) but I have no choice. Instead, I have to change my personality to match my car (it seems I need to become more aggressive, competitive and intimidating).

I think this is the car we bought but I didn't pay attention

I think this is the car we bought but I didn’t pay attention

So Grrrr I’m going to be ANGRY about not having the chance to buy a PURPLE CAR grrrrrr.