When I have a mouth ulcer, I need to be with my tube of bonjela at all times. Bonjela is a strange substance. It provides some relief from the pain of mouth ulcers but only after an initial 10 seconds of blinding, ear splitting, toe curling pain. The only other time I have experience pain like that is when I’ve attached a baby to my nipple. So, therefore, today’s weird thought is that mouth ulcers and nipples have a lot in common.

She may be smiling but her toes are curling in agony

She may be smiling but her toes are curling in agony

Breast is best of course, I am a firm believer in that particular philosophy, but for me it was the most painful thing I have ever voluntarily and actively sought out to do. I have never before or since (and this includes childbirth) experienced such excruciating pain as I did when I tried to get a screaming child to suck on my nipples. The best comparison I can think is putting bonjela on a really juicy mouth ulcer.

Note: Future mothers reading this, do not be put off by my tale of toe-curling pain. It is not the same for everybody and the pain lessens after a few days (or weeks in my case, not that I lasted that long with number three child).



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