…and toasted sausage butties, why can’t you have toasted egg butties? This is the thought I had this morning.

Toasted bacon butties - yum

Toasted bacon butties – yum

The thought came about because I really fancied an egg buttie for breakfast. However, we were running quite low on fresh bread. We have lots of bread in the freezer. Usually in these situations I know that I can have ‘frozen’ toast for breakfast because our toaster has a setting for toasting frozen bread. But I really wanted an egg buttie. It occurred to me that if I’d wanted a bacon buttie or a sausage buttie I could have just had toast rather than bread with the bacon or sausage between the slices. But who in their right mind would have a toasted egg buttie?

Would you toast this?

Would you toast this?

Perhaps I am wrong. I’m happy to be met with a barrage of ‘me, me, me I’d have a toasted egg buttie!’ Perhaps I should try it one day. Luckily, we had just two slices of fresh bread left so I could have my egg buttie with bread as I normally would. I will test out this weird thought another day.

And on a slight tangent: how about chip butties?