I wish I could touch my nose with my tongue

This was a thought I had yesterday.

Last night, my husband I shared a Czech beer. He poured the beer into two identical glasses and filled it to the brim (otherwise we’d have been left with about two sips worth in the bottle). The only way I could start drinking mine was to lean down towards the glass which was on the kitchen counter and drink (so as to avoid picking up the glass and causing a spillage). However, doing this meant that my nose dipped into the beer. This was a little annoying (and damp). I had no way of licking the beer off my nose. I tried. I couldn’t do it. If only, I thought, I could touch my nose with my tongue. In the end I just let it dry. So then my nose smelt of Czech beer. Apparently being able to touch your nose with your tongue is a genetic trait. So there’s no hope for me in this department then.

The Czech beer from Sainsbury's

The Czech beer from Sainsbury’s

Sometimes life isn’t fair.

The glass filled to the brim

The glass filled to the brim

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  1. I can do this. I can do this so well I can lick the insides of my own nostrils. Someone on MN internet diagnosed me with a genetic condition and this is apparently one of the things people with that condition can do. I asked my GP about this and he just raised an eyebrow. He didn’t pick his nose with his tongue though 😀

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