Is this just coincidence, clumsiness on my part, bad luck or do I have magical powers? Although science does not have a logical explanation for this phenomenon, non-scientists and those with one foot in the teeny tiny possibility theory world think there is something going on with certain people which causes electrical issues with household devices.

The term energy field (also electrical field) is used to describe the magnetic fields created by electrically charged particles. As people contain electrically charged particles, the body’s cells and tissues generate electrical fields. This is often called an ‘aura’. Some people have a stronger aura than others, the former being those people who break things without deliberately causing a malfunction. Science might argue that this is just an excuse for being clumsy. However, it is believed by those non-scientific open-minded types that things break when electric people are feeling particularly emotional or stressed.

So, what should I do about this, if indeed this explains our high turnover of kettles and irons? Try to chill more often? Wrap myself up in bubble wrap? Buy some crystals? Regularly rub a balloon? Apparently, any of those options would indeed help matters (and make life a little less expensive). Otherwise, I think I will just have to keep buying new kettles and toasters and hope I’ll start seeing ghosts too.

I need to wrap myself in this stuff

I need to wrap myself in this stuff

It is reassuring to know that even if science isn’t so sure, I’m not the only person to go through so many irons, toasters, and kettles. If you google ‘electrical people’ and you will see that this is well known problem.

The next time the toaster breaks I can say ‘well, it isn’t my fault, it’s my aura’.

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