I have a problem that is causing me a lot of stress. It is related to an impending holiday by the sea. We’re going on holiday on Saturday and I have already selected my holiday reading (purchased at a very good price from Tesco this week). My problem is that I need to be ready to start my holiday reading on Saturday.

Light reading for my holiday

Light reading for my holiday

On Monday, I finished the book I was reading (Platform by Michel Houellebecq) and so needed to find a book that would last me exactly four days so that I could start my holiday reading on time. I have a shelf of ‘to read’ books.

My ever-growing 'to read' shelf

My ever-growing ‘to read’ shelf

I scanned this shelf for a suitably short book. I selected a play to read thinking it would be the perfect length. I bought this book about six months ago having always wanted to read it. This was my chance to do so.

Be afraid, very afraid

Be afraid, very afraid

However, I finished reading this most excellent play on Wednesday evening (a beautifully crafted satire on married life set in 1960s America – not a happy read). So now I had another dilemma. That is, should I start my holiday books, with the risk of actually finishing one of the books before I go on holiday or should I try to find another short-ish book? I didn’t want to pick a ‘normal’ sized book as there would be little chance that I could finish a ‘normal’ book in two days. So I chose a really short book, purchased about a year ago for 50 pence in a charity shop.

A fabulous little book - just a bit too short for my needs

A fabulous little book – just a bit too short for my needs

However, I finished reading this fabulous anthology of short stories by Magnus Mills this morning (simple, elegant, poetic and imaginative – he touches so gently and so cleverly on human relationships). So again I was faced with the same dilemma,  but this time with a greater intensity. What to read? So after some thought I plumped for this (I’ve read about two pages as I write this blog). I suspect I’ll still be reading this on Saturday but I have a two-hour car journey  during which to have a good solid read.

I love a bit of George Perec

I love a bit of Georges Perec

Oh the stress of it all! I need a holiday.