There are a just two Michael Woods who it could have been named after (even though it isn’t): Michael Wood historian and Michael Wood Professor of Arts, Languages and Cultures at Manchester University. Sadly, though, it isn’t named after either of them. And also, even more sadly, they are one and the same person. There is only one Michael Wood. And he has no connection with Gloucestershire at all.

I wonder how often he gets asked about his motorway station?

I wonder how often he gets asked about his motorway station?

These services mark the half-way point between Stafford and Exeter on the M5 and so was a frequent stopping place for me when I was at university. I am therefore very fond of the place. My dad used to treat me to a cup of coffee and a jam doughnut there on our way to and from Exeter.

Time for a coffee?

Time for a coffee?

However, reviewers on trip advisor do not share my love for this west-country service stop:

‘I’m sorry for being negative but there is little to tempt the weary traveller here at Michaelwood services.’

‘We stopped at this services before reaching Exeter and wished we had carried on. The place is a mess.’

‘Oh dear the place looks shabby and run down.’

I haven’t been there for a while so perhaps standards have slipped. But until I do, it remains my favourite.



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