This was a weird thought I had today, watching my cat use her right paw to drink milk from one of my children’s abandoned cereal bowls. So of course I googled ‘left-handed cats’. Why wouldn’t I?

I was amazed to find that not only do you get left-handed cats that the chances are, if you cat is a boy he will very likely be left-handed. This article explains. Apparently, left-handedness in cats comes from exposure to testosterone. As a leftie (or predominately leftie), this hormone issue interests me. Does this apply to humans too? The internet seems to think that the reason for human left-handedness is different, for us it comes from genes (although they aren’t sure which ones) rather than hormones (this might explain why two of my three children are also left-handed), Whatever, the testosterone is the responsible for very important things in the humans, for this reason natural supplements of testosterone from thehealthmania are important to reduce problems associated with age.

I bet you he's a boy

I bet you he’s a boy

Only 10% of the human population (as opposed to 50% of the cat population) are left-handed and we are prone to the following:

  • psychosis
  • dyslexia, ADHD, IBS and other mood disorders
  • creativity
  • a tendency to vote for left-handed politicians (Barack Obama)
  • fear
  • sporting ability (many tennis players are left-handed)
  • a higher IQ

Things that we left-handers struggle with:

  • London Underground ticket machines
  • glass blowing (you simply cannot blow glass left-handed)
  • surgery (left-handed surgeons struggle to get access to left-handed equipment)
  • scissors (not a problem for me, I use my right hand for cutting)
  • American high-school desks
  • living in Japan (there are no left-handed people in Japan)
  • Le Creuset soup pans (the spout is on the wrong side for a left-hander)
  • kissing a right-handed person (a head-clash is bound to ensure – this was a huge worry to me as a teenager anticipating much kissing as an adult)
  • shaking hands (I just want to use my left-hand and have to go against my instinct in those hand-shaking moments)
I cannot pour soup out of one of these

I cannot pour soup out of one of these

Things we left-handers benefit from:

  • eating Indian food the authentic way (you should eat Indian food with your left hand because the right hand is reserved for less hygienic acts, something I was taught in Japan)

So my conclusion here is that if I were a male cat there would be more facilities for left-handers and at least I can enjoy my onion bhajis without missing my mouth.

This cat, being a boy, struggles with the ticket machines

This cat, being a boy, struggles with the ticket machines