I’m sat here as I type this watching Poldark. I’m a day later than the rest of the Poldark lovers out there. I was out last night. I was out at quiz night at the Wheatshef in Frankwell, Shrewsbury. We didn’t win. We were fourth. Fourth was good. The last time we attended quiz night at the Weathshef we came last. We being ‘Carly’s Angels’. I am one of the angels in question.

Sunday quiz night at the Wheatie in Frankwell – worth a visit if you are clever

So I sit here watching Poldark a day late, and as I do, I have one of my weird thoughts. I am pondering, what is it about Poldark I love so much?

There are a few elements to Poldark to like:

  1. Poldark – Aiden Turner (he’s rather pleasant to look at)
  2. Fancy life style (I live in Newport, Shropshire, I don’t dress for dinner so it’s nice to watch people who do)
  3. Passion (there is a lot of passion in Poldark – I don’t think there is as much passion in 2018, that is unless you live in West Bromwich)
  4. Plot (it’s quite a good story – lots of emotion and passion (see above))
  5. Nostalgia for the Poldark of the 1970s (I only vaguely remember the old Poldark, but there are a lot of people who do)
  6. Cornish beaches (bingo!)

As for me, personally, I would say that number 6 comes top of the list, with number 1 jogging along after.

Phwoor – look at those beaches!

I am a beach lover. I stand up and admit it. I just love the sea. I adore the Poldark beaches. I long for his beaches. I have only ever ventured into Cornwall once in my life and that was a day trip to Loo. I’m not sure that is the right spelling but that reflects what I thought of the place. It was about as pleasant as a trip to the loo. It was crowded, hot, tacky and cramped. So a bit like a trip to the loo in a nightclub. I don’t think Loo is the real Cornwall, it is just the gateway for desperate Devonians.

This might not look like a nightclub toilet but there’s a lot you can do with PhotoShop these days

I think in a previous life I must have lived by the sea because I feel the lure of the sea so frequently. I feel as if I have come ‘home’ when I am by the sea. The sea I see on Poldark every Sunday night is pulling me towards it. There are some episodes where I only get a glimpse (damn it), and there are some where I get a good ten minutes of Poldark (Aiden Turner) galloping on his stallion along a glorious piece of untarnished sand and windswept waves (oh joy). so in answer to my original question: why do I like Poldark? It is definitely the sea.

And as I type, sadly, they are in London, nowhere near the sea. Damn it!

Double phwoor!